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Our development method supportsunified coding standards, flexible architecture and optimized delivery processes. Using first-class tools, technologies, and frameworks allows us to create clean and semantic code that performs well on every device. We can provide responsive layout, component-based development, modern JS framework, lifestyle guide, maintainable CSS, test-driven development, API, extensible architecture, third-party integration, general application development. We are passionate about creating reliable but scalable solutions, such as cloud front-end/back-end architecture.

A few years ago, mobile-friendly design was not a priority. Most websites are clumsy and almost impossible to navigate for mobile users. But then only the number of mobile browsing activities rose, and with it came a preference for mobile-friendly sites. Responsive web design has not only become critical in SEO, but it has also become critical in establishing a consistent brand image and a presence in the growing mobile user market.

Mobile users now expect a consistent viewing experience on all devices. The website should adapt to mobile requirements in terms of format and navigation, but should still be familiar to users. Menus and sub-menus should still be located in the same place within the website. This design flexibility and seamless user experience can only be achieved through responsive web design.